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VMB-611 Squadron Insignia

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Eleven



The origin of Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Eleven's began one evening at the Officers' Club at Page Field, Parris Island, SC. After consuming several "refreshments," a small group of inebriated pilots decided that a seltzer bottle (a common commodity at a bar during that era) spewing out bombs would be an appropriate representation for VMB-611.  One of the pilots drew up the seltzer bottle, bombs, and a wood bar-top in the background.  His drawing was presented to Lieutenant Colonel Sarles the following day, and after some refinement, it was accepted it as VMB 611's official insignia.  As most of the VMB squadrons were referred to as "Seahorse" (flying a medium bomber as opposed to a fighter) and with 611 anticipating the majority of their combat missions would be flown in the dark of the night, the squadron adopted the nickname "Black Seahorse." They were later referred to as "Sarles' Raiders."




















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